Travel – Luxury at safari camp in Tanzania

Tanzania in east Africa is home to more than 52 million people. It’s the largest and most populous country in Africa, with a birth rate among the largely Bantu people of nearly 5 children to every woman. At least two city names have appeared regularly in world headlines and in stories of adventure – the capital, Dar Es Salaam, and the city of Zanzibar, even more exotic because of the strong influence of Arab/Muslim culture and language on the inhabitants. Features that attract tourists to this country include the Serengeti Plains, Serengeti National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria, Sultan’s Palace (Zanzibar) and many more.
At least a third of the country’s people live in cities, so there are hotels aplenty, but there’s another way to experience the country if you’re investing a serious chunk of cash.¬†Nyaruswiga Safari Camp in Tanzania¬†offers incredible luxury for upscale travelers who want to explore from a far-more-than-comfortable base. Here’s a brief partial list of the amazing features at this travel destination:
  • 24 Hour power + hot water purified by remote osmosis
  • Upscale canvas tents supported by African Eucalyptus poles and capped with elegant brass crowns
  • Walk-in closets, steam-ironed clothing overnight, handmade custom furnishings
  • Emperor-sized beds (larger than King) with pillows of varying firmness and the finest sheets
  • Wood burning fire stove + free-standing hammered copper bathtub en-suite
  • Rejuvenating outdoor shower and private verandah with elegant mahogany loungers
  • Gluten free & vegetarian menu amongst the gourmet cuisine prepared freshly daily by a top chef
  • DSLR camera for rent for the most stunning photography
  • Signature wellness treatments
  • Elegant guest lounge with top espresso machine, cigar selection, parlor games, elegant leather chairs and a 300 year old map made for Sir Isaac Newton
  • Elegant Royal Albert bone china for the most exceptional dining experience
  • Butlers trained in fine dining, evoking the glamour of the early 1900’s
  • Astral observation deck wtih 508x magnification, ideal for stargazing
  • 4-seater leather bound vehicles, unlike any you’ve seen- complete with charging ports, binoculars, teak wood fitted storage compartments and clamps for cameras and checking kiwi habitats in a New Zealand wildlife conservation initiative
If you’ve always wanted to see the heart of Africa – and you only want the finest accommodations while you do so – check out Nyaruswiga Safari Camp.