Thrill to the watery beauties of Switzerland

Yes, Switzerland is known for its majestic snow-covered mountains.  I remember my initial encounter with the silent power of the towering peaks in the Alps – absolutely stunning to a young, unsophisticated just-turned-21-year-old who’d never left Chicago before.
But if you also appreciate the beauty of water, Switzerland will surprise you with sparkling lakes, cascading streams, sinuous rivers, spectacular waterfalls, and refreshing fountains. Wherever you go in Switzerland – whether mountains or cities – you meet water, the essence of life. Here are just a few of the unique watery highlights to be found there (please note you have to manually scroll down these web pages to access all the content):
Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Lake LucerneSurrounded by mountains, Lake Lucerne is the lake with the greatest scenic variety in the country, somewhat reminiscent of a fjord landscape. Technically, there are several cruises you could take. But the best way to explore the lake in the heart of Switzerland is by kayak. Join kayak guide Reto Wyss for a peaceful sunset tour, when waves ripple the shallow water while mallard ducks and great crested grebes circle the kayaks, a fiery red in the setting sun sinking spectacularly in the bay.

VIamala Ravine in Switzerland

Viamal RavineOnce upon a time it was feared. Viamala, the deep ravine in the Hinterrhein Valley in the Canton of Graubünden translates in English to “Bad Path” and it was a dangerous obstacle on the journey through the Alps – beautiful, but wild and threatening. Today, this is exactly the reason why people travel to and through the Viamala. The best way to discover the Viamala Canyon is on a canyoning tour – with an experienced guide like Riki Brown. He will make sure you find your way through the ever-changing gorge.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Meet the Captain on Lake GenevaEven if you’ve met a ship captain or two in the past, you probably didn’t have a chance to ask them every question you had about being in charge of an entire cruise ship – they’re pretty busy people, after all. On Lake Geneva you get a chance to meet the captain of a historic paddle steamer and spend some quality time with him – outside on the captain’s bridge or down in the ship’s bowels. And he will answer all the questions you have and treat you to some stories about his life on the bridge.

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