Hate bending over to shave your legs?

As we all know, personal maintenance for past-50 women is just as important (well, almost) as it is to twenty-somethings. The Giraffe Razor Extension sent a sample to review and, for sure, it gives older women who still need or want to shave their legs a way to get a close shave without the hassle of bending over and maneuvering into contortions. Works, incidentally, very well for pregnant women, too, in case you have a daughter or other relation undergoing that experience.

How it works: You fit your razor (disposable or otherwise) into the end of the Giraffe Razor Extension Handle that fits it best. You have two different sizes of grip to hold a razor firmly in place. After you snap it in, you customize the length and angle to your most comfortable fit. I was a little worried about being able to control it – who wants to live with bleeding nicks in all the wrong places? – but the hold was firm enough that I was able to perform the operation without slicing anything. Here’s what it’s got:
  • Two universal razor attachments (small and large)
  • Snaps onto the handle of any common disposable and reusable razor
  • Quick connect and release buttons
  • Telescoping handle 
  • Extends 15-20 inches
  • Pivoting handle rotates to 30°, 45° or 90° angle
  •  No slip grip
  • Wrist lanyard for easy retrieval
  • Rubberized finish for optimal control
No bending over is always a nice thing for us Boomer ladies. This would also make a great gift to a pregnant lady or to someone who’s recovering from surgery, or anyone struggling with their sense of balance. Could be a boon to people with arthritis and back pain, and it really works nicely for anyone (like me) who has to  shave in a shower stall or other confined space. The quality and fit of the materials seems good, so I’d expect this product to give years of service. Available on Amazon.com for $29.99.