3 unique holiday gift ideas 2018


Just thought we’d mention a few items we’ve sampled recently that you might find interesting as a gift idea this year. From a little toy that takes a ton of skill to work, to some luxury products loaded with CBD (cannabinoid oil) and a collection of beautiful fragrance packets, these are possibilities for almost anyone (except people like us hopelessly unskilled manual dexterity folks) this holiday. Check ’em out.

Spinnobi is a fascinating new little toy that will excite the manual-dexterity-masters, both kid and adult, on your list. For $10 you get this neat little spinny-wheel, bouncy gadget that you can do a lot of tricks with – but it takes some serious practice to master. I could see some kids competing to see who can keep it spinning the longest during each maneuver. It’s really satisfying to see the toy pop neatly up, still spinning, when you drop it on the table or floor. There’s a big collection of video snippets showing different ways to challenge yourself with the Spinnobi. Check out the kid who can make it pop off one knee onto the other and back. Each snippet is labeled according to how difficult it is to master. For us non-manual-dexterous types, anything but getting the wheel spinning could be challenge enough. I was completely unable to do any tricks but did enjoy just getting it to spin smoothly for a long time.

Gron CBD products include chocolates, sauces, balms and masks, and more, all laced with polite American society’s latest discovery: cannabinoid oil. The substance is said to offer health benefits that include easing the pain of arthritis without drugs. And the products come in a raft of different forms – chewable, drinkable, and even rubbable on your skin. Imagine: chocolate that actually makes you feel even better than the just the pure emotional joy of eating chocolate! Caramel sauce that sweetens your dessert and helps dull the pain in your knees or hands. A cream that lessens the discomfort of peripheral neuropathy. Hard to say how much of the relief might be mental because you believe in it. Happily, the edible stuff tastes pretty good, so you get the joy of eating and the benefit of the CBD. Keep in mind, it is a mild effect. You’re not going to be getting high or anything. Just feeling perhaps a little calmer – I’m guessing you shouldn’t try these after consuming a bunch of caffeine as the two could be canceling each other out. Gron does a truly gorgeous job of packaging, so these items can make excellent gifts for the adults in your life who are perhaps at times sleep-deprived or stressed out. I mean, who couldn’t use a little help with that once in a while? The products are not cheap at starting prices around $30 for caramel sauce. Read tips on using CBD and how to figure out how much CBD to take here.

Love beautiful fragrances? Floral Simplicity Scents sachet packets can set your heart and mind aswirl in dozens of different ways. Everything from baked goods like Vanilla Cake and Almond Biscotti or treats like Caramel Pumpkin Truffle and Apple Cinnamon, to flowers like Peony and Lily, or outdoorsy scents like Open Road or Seaside, you’ll find yourself transported with these true-to-life aromas at your fingertips. What a way to help you imagine your way to a relaxing vacation or trip through a greenhouse or a forest grove. These envelopes come wrapped in plastic so they retain maximum scent until you open them and place them where you like – in a dish on your hall table or beside your bed, or in your underwear drawer or wherever you’d like to evoke memories or conjure up an environment that soothes the spirit. The company, which also sells scented candles, donated 20% of its profits in 2017 to help feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, support mothers and children in need. Floral Simplicity 3-packs start at $8.50.